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Morning Star Games

Slap Wacky!

Age Range
7 - 12
Board Game - Card Game - Educational Skills Product - Travel Item - Toy

This is a fast and fun game where players rush to put together the most wacky shape patterns before their cards run out. When players complete a shape, they slap it to get the points before another player blocks them. The player who scores the most points from their shapes and is a highly interactive game. All participants play at the same time and must use visual astuteness to distinguish between colors and shapes and match them into recognizable patterns. This game increases eye hand coordination, develops and reinforces strategies for matching as well as comparing, sorting and classifying skills. Develops cognitive skills in the midst of the fast game play. Beyond families and children the game is popular and good for senior citizens who are able to easily play the game because of the large shape patterns and bright colors. Teachers have used it in the classroom to reinforce math and strategy skills. Promotes interaction. All players are involved in every round. Develops interpersonal skills. Opportunity to practice social skills in a competitive setting. Promotes and reinforces visual astuteness, distinguishing colors and shapes quickly and increases eye-hand coordination. Players locate cards with matching patterns. Helps reinforces math skills, match sets of objects and recognize patterns, comparing, sorting and classifying skill Promotes identification of similarities and differences in sets of objects. Motivates players. Players are rewarded for creating matching shape patterns. Easy to learn; quick to play. Perfect for home and educational settings.


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