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Tot Talk, Inc.

Eat, Speak, Explore and Draw Placemat-Mexico!

Age Range
3 - 12
Arts & Crafts - Creative Product - Educational Skills Product - Novelty - Travel Item

This versatile placemat will entertain children for hours while exposing them to geography, object recognition, and language and reading development. It has many features, including a map with 60+ colorful pictures and the associated Spanish words. Parents can show where family live, where the next vacation will be, discuss animals and exotic species, explain from where food originates, highlight the Spanish language and Mexican music and dance, and much more. The durable placemat features the map of Mexico with its 32 mainland states and bordering countries and water. The added bonus is that it is a color pad! Children can write or draw on the backside with washable markers and wipe clean. Parents can circle interesting areas or objects on the front side as they tell a story about the lively culture of Mexico and our world around us. Teach your children the love of geography early. Placemats are thick, laminated, and washable. Appropriate for all ages (parents enjoy and learn too). Dimensions: 11.5 x 17.5. Made in the USA.


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