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Living Folklore Inc

Funny Bone Logic

Age Range
3 - 5
Active Toy - Creative Product - Costume - Educational Skills Product - Fantasy Play - Musical - Socially Responsible - DVD

Interactive DVD, hosted by Giggly Sprout and Gumbo Wobbly, teaches games and exercises that open the heart and foster healthy emotional attachment andrain development. These exercises support children in the exploration of bodies, emotions, and imagination. Companion website is resources for parents and teachers and includes links, and articles on nourishing children. Move at a young child’s pace to give a chance for children to interact with non-acting children in a studio environment, to give warm, organic, homey feel. Created by performance artists who know children, informed by the children’s responses. All of the exercises are designed to make connections between brain hemispheres, emotions, imagination, breathing, and the body. There are descriptions of each exercise available on the website. The program developed from live context during performances at schools, festivals and children’s parties over 10-years. Original music accompanies every scene, children at home are invited to put on a costume and join along in the Dream Dance and learn the Funny Bone Dance. Children learn about internal pacing in the Ecstatic Elastic Attic where time goes fast sometimes and other times slow. The kids enjoy exploring their emotions with The Emotion Meter. They learn how to make their emotions grow bigger and how to make them get smaller. Giggly Sprout waters the children when they are little seeds and watches them grow, teaching the life-cycle, and the importance of nature. There are worlds to explore with these loveable clowns including a laughter exercise.Created from the heart with love for children and endless possibilities for the future.


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