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Maple Landmark

Natural Classic School Bus

Age Range
3 - 5
Creative Product - Educational Skills Product - Fantasy Play - Socially Responsible - TS

Natural Classic School Bus is fun to play with. Contains 10 removable figures – sending them off to school, waiting for the school bus or just simply making up scenarios. The school bus gives the child an excellent concrete object from which they can expand language imagination. Without “rules and restrictions” this School Bus allows for hours of open-ended play. It is crafted from responsibly harvested local hardwoods and finished using a swax based material – making it truly a natural classic. Even the detailing is natural, a laser is used to engrave the wording and the images instead of inks or dyes. Each bus weighs 2 ¾ pounds and measures about 9” long. The roof is removable and all 10 people come out.


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