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Engino.Net Ltd

Simple and Complex Machines: 56 Models Advanced

Age Range
8 - 12
Construction Toy

The complete solution for those who want technology models in one single box. It contains all the parts that come in the Technology Series packages, enough to build more than 60 fully functional models and covers the concepts of Simple and Complex machines. Learn about Levers, Linkages, Pulleys, Cams, Cranks, Gears, Screws, Wheels, Axles, Inclines planes and Wedges. Build cranes, cars, airplanes, motorcycles, lifting platforms, tractors, a hand drill, blenders and much more! Experiment with the models to realize how machines actually work, how you can change the speed, convert motion, increase or transfer force and how you can easily move heavy objects. Instruction manuals for all models are included in this tough carton package which comes with a plastic handle for easy storage and handling. A comprehensive Educator's Guide with theoretical background and a Student Workbook with activities and experiments are available separately.


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