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Braincandy, Touch My World

Age Range
6 m - 4 y
Active Toy - Creative Product - Educational Skills Product - Socially Responsible - Travel Item - DVD

This DVD investigates the world through tactile explorations that will leave your child tickled! Bruce Brain and Harry Hand lead the silly sense puppet crew on a journey through the sense of “touch.” More inventive animations demonstrate how we feel, and our energetic cast of kids show how they experiment with their world. This whimsical adventure is complimented by a friendly reggae beat that will get your child up and moving. From the top of their heads to the tips of their toes, touch plays a very special role in the life of young children. Other products are offered including adventures with other senses, taste and hearing.

The Braincandy “5 Senses” series takes a more organic approach to learning that mimics the way a child naturally discovers the world—inviting little ones to explore, experiment, and play through an array of fun activities designed to engage the five senses. Braincandy promotes an active—versus passive—approach to learning where children learn through doing. Other award winning products in the series are: “See My World,” “Hear My World,” “Smell My World” and “Taste My World.”


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