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Newton's Apples

Age Range
7 - 12
Board Game - Educational Skills Product

The object of the game is to make gravity your friend by strategically moving apple crates, and getting all of your apples to roll to the bottom row of the inclined, three dimensional game board. Red and green apples are placed on “crates” in one of eight rows at the top of an elevated game board. Apples away! By strategically moving apple crates and using Newton’s “law of gravity”, be first to get all of your apples to fall to the bottom row, while blocking your opponent’s apples. In the race for gravity to do its job, players move crates vertically or horizontally, and even line up crates to build bridges to move apples into new rows. Complete game rules are included along with the three dimensional, molded plastic game board, 8 apples and 16 apple crates. This game will sure to please your young scientist and friends and everyone in the family will be having fun together.


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