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Education Outdoors Inc

CAMP "The game that grows with you"

Age Range
3 - 12
Board Game - Educational Skills Product - Outdoor Play - Socially Responsible - Travel Item

This game grows with you and brings families together by educating them about the great outdoors. The game was created by an avid outdoorsman and family man based on his concern for nature and a true desire to reconnect families. The board game offers four levels of play where a 4-year old to grandparent can play and both will be challenged, making the game fun for all ages. Level one questions are primarily identification of animals and geography. Levels increase in difficulty with everything from migrational habits of birds to safety when ice fishing. A vibrant earth tone color palette, full color photos, interesting playing characters and a card decoder are incorporated to make this game appealing to both children and adults; excellent in vision, content and aesthetic. Each game comes with 400 questions with full color photos, 99 fun facts, 8 game characters, decoder, die, and a colorfully illustrated game board.


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