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Idea Storm Products


Age Range
9 - 12
Board Game - Creative Product - Educational Skills Product - Socially Responsible - Toy

This game breaks all the rules of traditional games. The game inspires creativity and the use of your imagination. To play, each person selects a card. Players use their imagination to draw and define made-up word written at the top of the card. To help spark the imagination and take away any drawing anxiety, each card has the start of an existing doodle for players to add to. On each pass, a player draws something on the card and then writes part of their definition. The cards become increasingly outrageous as players pass the card around for others to build on, resulting in new definitions and unimaginable drawings created by the group. This is different from other games because instead of focusing on individual winner, it focuses on stimulating the imagination and on creative collaboration. Social interaction allows for fun, bizarre definitions and is a welcome change in the world of ‘winner-take-all’ games. Team approach and play on words encourage creativity. Players can upload their original creations on For two or more players or teams.


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