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American Animation Studios

Patrick Henry: Quest for Freedom

Age Range
8 - 12

American Animation Studios recreates the story behind Patrick Henry’s celebrated speech as it transports students back to the world of the founding fathers with humor, conversational narration, and the realism of 3-D animation. Its many unique features enhance both learning value for the classroom and viewing appeal for families. Host is Boomer, a comical but charming eagle, who introduces Patrick Henry, one of the American Revolution’s most influential advocates, best known for his “Give me liberty or give me death” speech. This engaging program takes viewers back to Henry’s childhood, where he preferred fishing and fiddling. A chance encounter with a young Thomas Jefferson inspires him to pursue a career (self-taught) in law. Henry’s integrity and passionate belief in the colonists’ right to independence lead him to speak out against King George, denounce corrupt government officials, and crusade for the rights of his fellow Americans. The riveting dramatization of Henry’s famous speech will keep even the youngest viewers entranced, as Boomer humorously translates Henry’s sophisticated language into simple terms anyone can understand and humanizes Patrick Henry and his colleagues through the realism of 3-D animation, spoken narration, and the voices of professional actors. Deepens learning and increases retention through a combination of humor, entertaining storytelling, and advanced production values. Puts the basic historical facts in rich historical context gathered from primary sources and archival documents.


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