Mic-O-Mic Americas - Three Wheeled Truck

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Three Wheeled Truck

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Three Wheeled Truck. This is one of a range of colorful and sturdy Mic-O-Mic construction toys designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest European safety standards. These toys utilize a patented assembly system of plugs and flexible clips. Because the plugs are engineered to very high tolerances, they can require strong thumbs to insert and can only be removed with the plug extractor provided with each kit. Like all Mic-O-Mic toys there are no written instructions – just a few pictures to help your child on his way to solving how to build them. This makes it a brain-stretching job, often requiring adult help. This truck will not be seen on North American roads – it is unique to mainland Europe. This makes it very unusual and collectible, either for play or display. Approximately 10 inches long and weighing about 1¼ lbs. This is virtually unbreakable under normal use.

These, when assembled are like works of art, suitable for display on a shelf at home or in the office when not being played with.


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