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Mic-O-Mic - LonPos Puzzle

Mic-O-Mic Americas Inc.

LonPos 303 Pyramid & Rectangle Game

Age Range
Educational Skills Product
Travel Item

LonPos 303 Pyramid & Rectangle Game. This game is the big brother to Lonpos 101 Pyramid & Rectangle game introduced in 2005. Created by a demand for more preset challenges than the 101 game, Lonpos 303 has the original 101 challenges plus a further 202 in a separate booklet. This game has 256 2D rectangle and 47 3D pyramid challenges to stretch the mind. It helps develop brainpower, IQ, concentration, math skills, cognitive skills and interpersonal skills (it can be more fun by interaction of friends, family or other adults). In total there are 360,984 rectangles and 2,582 pyramids that can be done using the 12 preformed game pieces known as Pentominoes. Also available, at $35.00, the demonstration boards with an enlarged laminated instruction manual contain the first 101 preset challenges together with two sets of Pentominoes, in case one or more gets lost. These are ideal for classroom use, where a teacher could hand out the pocket-sized games to students and challenge them to complete a problem. Whoever finishes first could win a small prize. They also are ideal for toy, game and gift stores, etc., in order to introduce customers to the game. The game is an ideal travel game for on the go fun.


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