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Russ Berrie - Shining Stars

Russ Berrie U.S. Gifts, Inc.

Shining Stars

Age Range
Plush Toy

With every RSS Shining Stars® friend comes the opportunity to register and name your star with the International Star Registry. Each plush piece is crafted using the finest of materials and identifiable by the star icon and embroidered Shining Stars logo on its paw pad. You can chose from a menagerie of Shining Stars friends – the premiere collection includes 24 collectible plush characters including Honey Bear, Beagle, Penguin and Dragon, among others. So, once you’ve chosen your child’s Shining Star – or given your child his own shining star for a great report card or just to say ‘I love you’, simply log onto the Shining Stars website and use the secret code found inside the sealed hangtag that comes with each Shining Stars friend. This exclusive code allows you to name and register your star with the International Star Registry. You get to choose your child’s star’s constellation. The website will show your child an image and the coordinates of the star that can be printed on a certificate that verifies its exact location in the cosmos. For children of all ages, the Shining Stars website is a virtual universe where kids can send e-cards, play customized games designed for different age groups and find a galaxy of fun activities. Additionally, you can personalize Shining Stars friend by giving it a name, birthday dedication and choosing up to five different personality traits.

So, just like your child Shining Stars can be funny, artistic, sporty, brainy, friendly, sassy and more. Your child gets to decide. For each Shining Stars friend you register you will receive Glow Points. Earn more Glow Points every time you share the fun and visit your Shining Stars friend online, play games or send a wish. As you earn more Glow Points, more secrets and hidden pages will be revealed in this easy-to-maneuver online solar system. The Shining Stars website also lets you donate Glow Points and make real contributions to a charity, because a sharing friend is a true superstar. Russ Berrie is a proud sponsor of the Starlight Starbright™ children’s foundation.


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