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Edupress Inc - Math Noodlers

Edupress Inc.

Math Noodlers

Age Range
Board Game
Educational Skills Product

Math Noodlers, These new games make math fun with multiple intelligences! Making their way around the board, students solve math problems in fun and creative ways. As they land on different colored spaces, students answer problems by choosing a Write It, Draw It, Show It or Choose It card. Wacky Cards pop up in each category to add some giggles to the game. Students in classroom tests had a blast as they hopped on one foot, counting by sevens or tried to repeat tongue twisters while solving the imbedded word problem. Grade-appropriate math problems have been selected for each category of the game. Players are challenged to solve problems related to everything from addition and subtraction to fractions, graphing, time, money and more! As school districts across the country make an effort to reach students’ multiple intelligences and focus on each student’s learning style, these games are already accomplishing this goal in a way that makes students want to learn. These games are perfect for math lessons, center activities, rainy-day recess, after-school work, or even playing on a weekend with Mom and Dad. The colorful, silly graphics are enough to draw any child in. The title Math Noodlers has been adapted into the artwork with number-shaped noodles and a background that is made to look like pasta sauce! There are four colored pawns for the players. The game also includes 36 Noodle-Os, which are small rings to be used as manipulates for the “Show It” category. ’’Directions and an answer key are included in each box. Available in two different levels: Grades 2-3 and Grades 4-5. Each game is for 2-4 players.


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