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JAKKS Pacific - Sharp Cookie

JAKKS Pacific

Sharp Cookie

Age Range
Educational Skills Product

Sharp Cookie, a simple-to-use educational plug and play controller that seamlessly integrates learning with gaming by helping to teach kids to recognize numbers, letters, shapes and patterns. Sharp Cookie games also help kids build their logic skills and introduces them to arithmetic, environmental conservation and more. Each Sharp Cookie controller contains multiple educational games and plugs easily into the A/V jacks of any standard TV. No consoles or cartridges are needed, which make Sharp Cookie games an easy-to-use, portable and affordable alternative for parents and grandparents who want to give their preschooler an early learning electronic system. Sharp Cookie™ games, an extension of JAKKS award-winning Plug It In & Play TV Games™ line, features today’s top preschool licenses including Dora the Explorer®, Go Diego Go! (TM), Thomas the Tank Engine™, Scooby Doo® and Spider-Man®. Each controller has a unique, thematic look based on each character, with controls that are simple for kids to use. Sharp Cookie games were created to make learning letters, phonics, spelling, counting, math, reading and even a second language, easier. With Sharp Cookie games, parents can give their children videogames that are good for them and fun too!


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