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TiViTz isn’t your everyday board game. It’s fun and exciting to be sure, but TiViTz  packs a punch, improving math and critical thinking skills while training brains in disciplines of sport, competition and fair play to name a few.

TiViTz has enjoyed great success over the years through marketing to the education sector via school systems, school districts, principals and teachers – because it works as a curriculum supplement. Case studies and research studies alike herald TiViTz as an excellent way to engage students, not just consistently raising their standardized math test scores, which it does, but their confidence and self esteem as well.

From the Bronx to Dade Country, students who play TiViTz not only improve math and critical thinking skills, but build character in the process. Technology has taken TiViTz to a grander stage, and the game is now being exposed to the general consumer market in North America.

Based on the theory that if learning were fun, learning would increase, TiViTz is played by hundreds of thousands of students in homes, classrooms and after-school programs nationwide. Its popularity has far surpassed its origins as a learning system, propelling TiViTz across multiple platforms and opening the door for virtually unlimited themes and subject matter.

As easy to play as checkers, yet as challenge to master as chess, TiViTz can be played by anyone ages eight-and-up. Current versions of TiViTz include Aqua TiViTz, Baseball TiViTz, Hockey TiViTz and Space TiViTz. The TiViTz board game is approximately 11” X 11” with designated spaces for 9 red and 9 blue playing pieces, called tivits. Each game includes 30 different gamesheets and one back laminate to create your own gamesheet. There are 10 two-sided score sheets and an instruction booklet included in each package.

The TiViTz website ( features a tutorial for learning the game and online play. Welcome to the world of TiViTz, where math isn’t a four-letter word.


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