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Billy Brown's Audio Adventures. Kiddio’s audio adventures are different from audio books, storytelling or music for kids. They are professionally produced CDs of original audio adventures with a full cast voice acting, music, and sound effects that hearken back to the early days of radio. Above all, the fun dialogue, sound effects and music in Kiddio’s audio adventures engage children’s imagination in a way no video, DVD or audio book can, and in the virtually indestructible CD format, a benefit German families have enjoyed for years. Hoerspiele is hugely popular in Germany, where children’s audio adventures sell millions of copies. Each of Kiddio’s audio adventures is an original story featuring Billy Brown, the friendly bear, and his friend Emma, with dialogue performed by a full cast, sound effects and music designed for children ages 3-7 years old. The 35-45 minute length of each episode is perfect to engage children for some quiet time, during a car trip. or at bedtime as they drift off to sleep. Billy Brown is a big, friendly, talking bear and he lives in Johnstown. His best friend is little Emma. They have been best friends for as long as either of them can remember. Whenever they are together, interesting things are always happening to them. Every time Billy Brown says “roooarBingo!” he’s gotten a new idea or skill that children age three to seven can learn about or identify with – from problem solving to how to hike. Kiddio’s audio adventures give parents and kids a fun way to stay entertained that kids can independently control on their own CD players. Each CD introduces new words and concepts as well. In “Billy Brown And The Mystery Package” children learn what an address is, how to use a library, and more. In “Billy Brown Goes Hiking,” listeners hear a thrilling story of a family stuck at the rapids and how Billy saves them … and then, along the way, how to go on a hike and how to enjoy the beauty of nature safely. Children who listen to Kiddio’s audio adventures learn to use their imagination. They become active participants – imagining the action as they hear it – instead of passively watching TV – and learn new words, concepts and lessons in the process. Kiddio’s audio adventures put children in charge of their entertainment. Children can listen to an audio adventure without parental supervision. Each commercial-free episode uses the sturdy CD format so children can slip the CD into their own CD players without asking an adult for help or permission.


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