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Idol Quest

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Idol Quest. In the middle of a lake deep in the jungle, a centuries-old idol hides at the top of an ancient tower. Will the Explorer manage to build a path across the lake, seize the priceless idol and escape before another player beats him to it? Or will he be forced back to the starting point or, worse, be “buried” under stone blocks? Find out by playing the challenging new 3-D board game Idol Quest™ The Strategy Game of Capture and Escape.

Incorporating popular jungle/survival and treasure-hunt themes, Idol Quest is designed to provide hours of challenging fun for two to four players, ages seven through adult. The family-friendly game’s rules can be easily adapted for younger players. Parents concerned about their children spending too much time alone playing computer games should find the competing diversion Idol Quest offers especially welcome. The Idol Quest box contains a folding game board depicting a colorful jungle lake scene, a removable cardboard tower that is placed on the island in the center of the lake, a translucent Tiki-type “Idol,” 12 colored plastic jungle-explorer character game pieces, 28 simulated-stone blocks, a deck of 35 cards, a single die and a storage tray. Sine the Idol is surrounded by water, reaching it requires Idol Quest players to plan their strategies wisely to: build a path across the lake with stone blocks to reach the tower, construct a 3D trail to the top the tower and retrieve the Idol, and escape back down the blocks to a waiting boat before the Idol is stolen by an opponent. A player’s ability to attain these objectives is dictated by the draw of one card at each turn. A card might direct a player to place blocks on the board, jump up or step down, steal a card, push another player or make other moves. Some cards can be used strategically at anytime during a player’s turn. The die is then rolled to determine how many steps closer to the elusive idol the Explorer will advance. Players take turns strategically placing blocks around the board. A player’s Explorer can be “buried” if it lands in a spot that permits another player to place a block on top of it, temporarily halting the progress of that Explorer. Shrieking, laughing, and “ganging up” against opponents are both expected and encouraged. The player who first succeeds in reaching the top of the tower and making a clean getaway with the Idol wins.


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