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Art of Doing - The Green Road

The Art of Doing Productions, Inc

The Green Road

Age Range
Education Skills Product
Musical Product

Inspired by nature, The Green Road is a visual, musical and poetic composition. Packed with discoveries, this film opens up creativity and shows children how much is out there to appreciate. Surrounded by nature its powerful source for creativity, the movie has ground breaking educational content. The Green Road promotes children’s observation skills by focusing on the tiniest of details all the way to the grandness of the whole. Children experience seeing objects from novel and unique perspectives. It gives a new vision beyond the ordinary and the inspiration to create with simple elements. Experience leaves, flowers, and many other elements of Nature as magnificent pieces of art while being enchanted by a dazzling original musical score, which transports the viewer into the magic. The Green Road Movie is a journey down a road of art, in its visual, poetic and musical forms. Divided in sections, but all linked by the same journey, actions flow with melodies and harmonies created to complement the beauty of Nature and its enhanced elements. The Movie gives children a tour through nature, inviting them to observe, appreciate and acknowledge the real world that surrounds us all, as well as, the magic that nature brings. Also, it nourishes their curiosity and ability to view things from different perspectives based upon real images, not cartoons or animation. Nevertheless, the video does utilize a touch of fantasy specially created for each section, that gives a sense of enchantment to the whole movie.


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