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Let's Go On Vacation

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Let's Go On Vacation! Everyone needs to take a vacation. With our Let’s Go On Vacation! Dramatic Play Box™, your child can visit any place in the world using their imagination. Travel tickets are included, so hop on a plane, train or boat and have fun! The durable, stackable, oversized (18"x12"x8”) container makes clean up and organization a breeze!

In addition to choosing a destination, your child will also learn how to plan a vacation and decide upon all the details of their magical trip. Postcards are included, so kids can use their early literacy skills to send you a note from their fun vacation spot! Watch as your child puts on the sunglasses and binoculars and heads off to a world of creativity.

Each set Includes: Sand Tools, Sunglasses, Beach Ball, Swim Goggles, Water Balloons, Small Map of the United States, Travel Tickets, Pretend Credit Card, Boat, Frisbee, Postcards, Travel Tickets, Binoculars.

All of our Dramatic Play Boxes come with a Parent's Resource CD-ROM and an Education Guide for parents to enhance play and learning. The Resource CD contains a slide show that contains ideas for parent’s to make their child’s play time even more rewarding. The Resource CD also contains files that can be printed at home to replace the consumables (traveler’s checks and travel vouchers/tickets). The Education Guide has ideas for parents including books that would go great with the Dramatic Play Box they have purchased. The Resource CD and Education Guide were created by Dr. Allison Mullady.

Let’s Go On Vacation! Is suitable for up to 3 children to play with at one time. In addition to being a great toy to play with, It is also a great learning tool. Kids use the map provided to plan their destinations, practice their literacy and math skills using the travel tickets and checks, and when they reach their destination, they can send postcards to their friends and family.


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