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Sidewalk Chalk Painting

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A really great variation on the classic sidewalk chalk, this kit makes 5 pints of chalk paint in assorted bright colors. Kids use the included brushes (or experiment with Jackson Pollock-like pouring and dripping) to paint huge pictures or abstract designs on a sidewalk or driveway. The chalk paint washes away with the next rainstorm or with a quick spray from the hose. It makes a great party activity, and Dragonfly Innovation offers a set of extra brushes so everyone can paint.

This unique medium really gets kids excited. And because it is so different, there are no pre-conceived ideas on how to do it “right”. The kit includes plenty of paint so kids can explore the creative process and discover how it really happens—by trying their own ideas and refining good ones over again.

Developed with the consultation of art education and creativity expert Dr. Marvin Bartel, this project has several unique features you won’t find in any other craft kit. First, there is a revolutionary teaching tool called a “Flight Guide”. As opposed to traditional step-by-step instructions, Dragonfly Innovation’s Flight Guides are designed to inspire children by asking open-ended questions that help them imagine many ways a project can be completed. Through this process, children see how ideas can be developed and refined, and learn that often there is no one right way to accomplish a task. Second, Dragonfly Innovation never shows a finished product on the box or in the Flight Guides. Their philosophy is that kids should feel free to explore their own unique ideas without the pressure of feeling like they have to “measure up” to someone else’s standards.

Other unique features include “Guidance for Grown-ups,” quick-to-read flyers that give parents good research-based information on how they can help their child’s creativity expand, and “What’s the Buzz” creative conversation cards that encourage discussion of new ideas while doing the project.


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