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Dragonfly Innovation - Marbling and More

Dragonfly Innovation Inc

Marbling and More

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Arts & Crafts
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Educational Skills Product
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Drop special Japanese pigment paints into a pan of water, swirl them to create your design, and get a big “wow!” when the paper or cloth almost magically lifts the design off the surface. This kit makes it easy for modern kids to try the traditional art of marbling. It also does a wonderful job of teaching kids how to experiment—and knowing how to experiment empowers kids to be independent learns and innovative thinkers. Simple to learn, every design will be different. Kids can also drop the ink directly onto folded paper for a tie-dye or kaleidoscope effect. They can use finished paper & fabric to create cards, clothing, household accessories and more.

Developed with the consultation of art education and creativity expert Dr. Marvin Bartel, this project has several unique features you won’t find in any other craft kit. First, there is a revolutionary teaching tool called a “Flight Guide”. As opposed to traditional step-by-step instructions, Dragonfly Innovation’s Flight Guides are designed to inspire children by asking open-ended questions that help them imagine many ways a project can be completed. Through this process, children see how ideas can be developed and refined, and learn that often there is no one right way to accomplish a task. Second, Dragonfly Innovation never shows a finished product on the box or in the Flight Guides. Their philosophy is that kids should feel free to explore their own unique ideas without the pressure of feeling like they have to “measure up” to someone else’s standards. Third, plenty of materials (enough to make about 50 “dips”) encourage kids to experiment and try new ideas.

Other unique features include “Guidance for Grown-ups,” quick-to-read flyers that give parents good research-based information on how they can help their child’s creativity expand, and “What’s the Buzz” creative conversation cards that encourage discussion of new ideas while doing the project.


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