International Playthings - Clickety Twist - Taggies™ by Earlyears®

International Playthings

Clickety Twist - Taggies™ by Earlyears®

Age Range
3 m - 5 y
Active Toy
Plush Toy

Twist it up, mix it up and hear it go clickety-click! Our innovative activity rattle features three sections that click when you twist them. Give it a twist to mix up friendly Bee and Alligator pals into a crazy Alli-bee and Buzz-igator! Also features an easy-grab rattle ring on one end and mirror on the other. Lots of textures to explore and of course, TAGGIES galore!

About Taggies, Inc.: Taggies is the creation of two moms, Danielle Ayotte and Julie Dix, who met at their toddlers’ playgroup. From small beginnings, Taggies redefined children’s security blankets, and more, through unique items.

Let’s Go On Vacation! Is suitable for up to 3 children to play with at one time. In addition to being a great toy to play with, It is also a great learning tool. Kids use the map provided to plan their destinations, practice their literacy and math skills using the travel tickets and checks, and when they reach their destination, they can send postcards to their friends and family.


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