Brainiac Games: Safety Brainiac - Junior Edition

Brainiac Games

Safety Brainiac - Junior Edition

Age Range
Board Game
Educational Skills Product
Socially Responsible

While children are enjoying a quality family activity and having fun playing this great board game they are learning how to stay safe against the dangers and threats  they can actually face.  This is an important game for fun and learning basic skills needed to  help keep children safe.

The game can be played with one to eight children, which makes it perfect for a single-child family or a classroom setting … and just about every size of family or group of children in between!  It features 360 questions that interest the children, engage their minds as they try to figure out the correct answers and provides them with a diverse variety of scenarios and safety tips that are age appropriate for children.  As the children play, and answer questions correctly, they earn tokens which they later cash in to receive the puzzle pieces they need to complete their  puzzle.  Once the puzzle is complete they race back to the center square on the board to answer a final question. After answering a final question correctly the child or team is declared the winner!

The winning child/team can receive one, or both, of the rewards that are provided with the game.  Winner’s certificates (10 dry-erase certificates included in the game) can be filled out by a parent or teacher and given to the child/team in recognition of their achievement and for showing great safety smarts.  Winner’s coupons are also provided with the game (24 different rewards in total) and parents can allow the winning child/team to select one of the coupons as an additional reward for winning.  Coupons feature the kinds of “perks” that children enjoy receiving and will ensure that they come back to play the game  becoming even more safety smart each time they play!  Some of the rewards available with the winner’s coupons include;  “Have a Friend Over to Play”; "Have A Sleep Over"; “Stay Up Late One Night”; “Have A Meal of Your Choice”; “No Chores for a Day”; “TV & Cartoons All Day” and many more!  There are coupons which enable parents to dream up rewards that they are comfortable providing to their children for winning the game.


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