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Questionary. The Game of Smart Questions

Age Range
Board Game
Creative Product
Educational Skills Product
Outdoor Play
Socially Responsible

Questionary. The Game of Smart Questions. This game provides entertainment and everyone can participate Z party or family game. Everyone can shine and even the most introvert participants want to pay it again and again. The game is simple and educational. It teaches strategy, logic, and the art of elimination. Everyone becomes better and better at strategically using logic to ask smarter and smarter questions to eliminate unworthy options to reach the worthy one. The basic concept is very simple. You pick a card that has a word on it. Cards are color coded and so are the spaces on the score-board, for each category of words. Your team has to guess the word within 90 seconds by asking you any question and as many questions as they like. But the catch is, you can only answer in “Yes” and “No”. A few more answers like “May be” or “I don’t know” are allowed for obvious reasons. If your team cracks the word, it wins and rolls a dice to move the pawn on the scoreboard. There are bonus points for difficult words! Words have been very carefully selected to be fun and challenging. Four or more can play


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