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Origin Toys & Games - ASKEW!


Age Range
Activity Product
Construction Product
Creative Product
Educational Skills Product

ASKEW!™ is a suspended construction table top game; challenging for people of all ages. The game, made of 24 specially notched metal rods in 6 colors, requires players to intuitively consider laws of physics, which helps reinforce principles of gravity and balance to children while testing their fine motor skills. The patented U-shaped notches allow loose engagements that easily pivot and may disengage unexpectedly. Players create a suspended structure by taking turns hanging the indented rods from the base's hook. Each new piece that is hung can completely change the center of gravity, shifting the entire structure and possibly causing pieces to topple. Traps can be set. This is always a chancy course, as they may not be tripped when you thought they would. This allows a build up of unsteady engagements that are easily overlooked when planning a move and may trip themselves during your turn rather than your opponent’s. The first player to hang all of his or her pieces wins. The spatially complex structures are fascinating to look at and can be left up to add interest to a room.

In addition to Dr. Toy's Best products award ASKEW!™ has also won the INPEX gold medal for Toys and games and Hasbro has given it an award for Game Excellence.

ASKEW!™ offers a great way to get a group of people of any age relaxed, talking and having fun.


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