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Playful Life - Playful Chef: Real Cooking for Kids

Playful Life

Playful Chef: Real Cooking for Kids

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Educational Skills Product

Playful Chef: Real Cooking for Kids. Children will learn healthy eating habits through hands-on cooking projects. The kit includes 1 tool belt apron, 11 child-sized cooking tools, including color-coded measurements, 6 recipe cards, and a backpack for storage. The Playful Chef helps kids discover nutrition, kitchen and food safety, and apply cognitive, creative, and critical thinking skills in a fun, hands-on way. Playful Chef provides an integrated patented system that provides children with a fun, interactive way to learn everything from how to plan a healthy meal to the science of cooking. Created by Lisa Ligon, a former Bay Area high tech executive and cooking teacher, the Playful Chef cooking kit was developed to help children learn both simple cooking principles as well as basic life skills.

As an example, each recipe has instructions on how to plan a healthy meal, shop for ingredients, organize the right tools, and safety tips. Then, there are 10 cooking steps that help to teach children how to follow a process. Throughout the recipes, there are illustrations that show parents and kids what the learning lessons are for each step, including hygiene, nutrition, motor skills, science, math through measuring, seasoning, helping to clean up, safety, timing, and social skills. Color coded measuring cups and spoons make learning math and fractions fun.

“In our busy world, never has it been more important for parents to pick productive toys that provide cognitive learning, life skills, cooperation and teamwork,” commented Mary Lou Snowden, Director of Village Preschool in Saratoga, CA. “Playful Chef provides a memorable shared experience between parent and child, plus opportunities for learning about nutrition, math skills such as measuring and sequencing. Beyond these skills, a child can develop a competency in an essential life skill and food about helping in the family kitchen.”

Contents of the kit include:


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