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The idea for Penciltips came to developer Laura Sebastiani as she found herself in situations with her children when they were “waiting”…waiting to arrive at their destination on a long car or plane ride, waiting for their meal at a restaurant; even waiting at home. While they waited, her kids needed something fun to do. They often wanted to draw and usually asked, “What should I draw?” Laura found that with a little “tip” or suggestion of what to draw, children can launch into long periods of creativity and fun and easy interaction with a parent or other adult as they discuss the picture and other items the child might add. Penciltips was born. Penciltips are drawing activity books designed to inspire creativity and teach important language concepts by providing a thought-provoking prompt (or “tip”) that answers the question, “What should I draw?” at the bottom of an otherwise blank page. Penciltips provide a child with a suggestion of what to draw (such as “A wheelbarrow full of flowers” or “Ladybugs licking large lollipops”), encourage the child to think of more drawn details to add to the picture and enhance parent-child interaction. Each book contains 40 pages (each with its own “tip”) and a long list of additional items to add to any picture. The books are 5x7 inches and fit easily into a purse, backpack, or glove compartment for handy on-the-go fun. The first four books in the series are now available individually or as a starter set packaged in a handy carrying case with colored pencils and a sharpener. The books are themed to focus on a particular interest area or language concept. Volumes now available are:

Draw THIS!
The tips in the book include animals, people, activities, vehicles, food, funny thoughts and more. Examples include “Reading by the light of the moon” and “A wheelbarrow full of flowers”.
Animal Alliteration
Each tip in the book contains an animal and uses the concept of alliteration. Examples include “Lions leaning on little ladders” and “Ducks dancing on a dock”.
This volume explores English language idiomatic expressions with tips such as “Its raining cats and dogs” and “He’s got ants in his pants”.
For kids who love cars, trucks and all kinds of things that go! Tips in this volume include “A dump truck unloading cupcakes” and “A space shuttle blasting off!


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