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Totally Stumped!

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This is a collection of nine strategic card games your child can play alone or with friends. It is a pocket-sized system that is played with the LeapFrog FLY™ Pentop computer and a special deck of 68 trivia category cards. This product will provide hours of fun. Practice bluffing, planning or second-guessing your way to victory while learning facts and trivia information. Categories include: Modern Myths, Killer Plants, Food Frenzy, Wild Things, Survival, The First, Hit the Road, Ultimate Style, Novel Ideas, The Toy Box, Media Blitz, Video Games, Sports Scene, Grab Bag, Twisted Titles, Gizmos & Gadgets and Exotic Travel. Discover fun facts like the first meal eaten by an American in space, what a female ferret is called, what a liger is and if bananas grow on trees. There are 3 types of Totally Stumped Games: Group Card Games (2-4 players), Solo Card Games (1 player) and Trivia To Go (1 or more players), for a total of 9 exciting card games. It comes complete with 1 Flyware™ Cartridge, 68 trivia cards in 17 categories, 4 answer cards, 2 category card counters, 1 carrying case and rules of play.

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