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Jabber Jot

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This creative language game will be enjoyable for your older child to play. It is also a game that can be useful for children with special needs. Players create all kinds of wild tales in this word game as they race against time. Jot out a story using three pictures, three words and a theme that are different each time. The stories don't have to make sense- the wackier the better. When time is up, a player can win the challenge if the jabber (the player judging) likes that player's story the best. Players who score enough challenge cards win the game. This game will help your child to improve vocabulary and creative writing skills. Players may post their JabberJot stories on the company's website where players vote on their favorite stories. This game is adaptable to whoever is playing. Players may choose to use less pictures or reduce the number of word tiles to simplify the game. Turn visual images and words into stories while engaging in endless imagination.

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