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My Take-Along Farm

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Your little farmer will adore this take-along toy that features an entire farm. At just 3 inches high, the Playmobil figures are proportioned just right for small hands. Pack in the stables, bunny hutches, animals, plants, crops, tools, hay, farmhands and more into a portable box. The handle at the top of the box is easy for small hands to grasp and carry. This is a great way for your child to engage in role-play as they develop communication skills, language, imagination and creativity. Feed the animals, clean the stables, fork bales of hay or relax next to the brightly colored sunflowers. Your child will not have to worry about losing stray animals again.

In 1876, a locksmith named Andreas Brandstatter created the beginning of Playmobil by founding a lock and metal fitting company in Furth, Germany. His son took over the company in 1908 and changed its name. The company moved to Zirndorf, Germany. In 1930, the company began making toys for toyshops using metal and going through another name change. In the beginning of 1950, Horst Brandstatter started the new era of focusing on plastic. He designed a machine that could perfect the technique and the first Playmobil item made was a closed racing car. It began developing accessories and figures. In 1974, they were introduced. Hans Beck was born in 1929 in Thuringia, Germany. He mastered construction-engineering skills and at age 29, he worked with Horst Brandstatter in developing the beginning of the Playmobil system. They designed a system of vehicles and buildings that are compatible with each other. Playmobil products provide use of imagination, development of problem solving skills, role-playing and communication skills.

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