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Your child will enjoy this creative kit that will allow them to construct a wooden vehicle. Each single kit comes with a vehicle body and four unfinished wheels and axles for assembly. The body is about four inches long, crafted from pine and sanded smooth. Choose from a truck, tractor, train or tugboat. Assembly is easy with some glue and a hammer. The train engine kit also comes with an unfinished smokestack. Easy to follow instructions are included. Young builders can decorate with crayons, markers, paints, glitter and anything else. This is a wonderful product that will keep children engaged in creative playtime. It is great for parties, rainy days, at home and in the classroom. Party packs, a bulk set of six vehicles are also available as well as boxed kits that includes one of each with all of the parts necessary to build four complete vehicles.

In 1979, Mike Rainville founded The Maple Landmark Company. He turned a hobby project into wooden products in Lincoln, Vermont. The company was called Maple Landmark because of the Maple Sugar business and farm his family operated for more than 65 years. He purchased the Trolls Toy Workshop and began developing production based on the alphabet. The Name Train's trademark is a unique product that has remained popular. In 2001, they purchased Montgomery Schoolhouse and continued to develop products. Their products are classic and delightful and stem from the traditions of early craftspeople making a variety of toys from wood

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