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Your child will enjoy this unique portable electronic storybook reader. It can be played in animated mode using the television to bring each story to life and it can also be played away from the TV using the stand-alone Story Reader. Your child will be pleased enjoy as their favorite characters come alive. Each page features beautiful graphics and illustrations and is printed on durable board stock. In the learning mode, users can access five different games, including a platform game with three levels and two stand-alone activity games. Each level ranges in difficulty so that young learners can grow with the games as their skills improve. Another mode features an option to have a story read aloud without having to turn the pages. Easy to use plug-and-play technology makes this unit easy for children to use. It plugs into a TV video input with color-coded jacks and cords. No special programming is required to operate this toy. It also features a clam-style design with a carrying handle for easy portability and an internal compartment for storage of the game controller and cords. The base unit comes with a 21-page "Alphabet Adventure" book with both a matching game and a fill-in-the-blank game featuring young super-hero characters Alpha Boy and Letter Girl, who use their word skills to recover the alphabet that has been stolen by a spider named Ms. Speller. Refill titles are sold separately and include Dora the Explorer, Elmo, Scooby-Doo and Thomas the Tank Engine.

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