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This unique kit that is designed for students in preschool through second grade. It is a fun way to introduce the stages of narrative development to emerging readers and writers. It is a multi-sensory tool that helps students to learn the important link between language and literacy. The braid represents the six strands of language that provide the basis for literacy: pragmatics, phonology, semantics, syntax, discourse and meta-linguistics. The three-dimensional icons represent necessary elements of story grammar or story organization. These icons are attached to the braids to touch, move and see as students use this tool to comprehend, tell, retell and write. The kit includes a comprehensive teaching manual, a plush doll (Caucasian, Ethnic Light or Dark), five wristbands for student participation, a Student Story grammar Marker® tool, twenty classroom literacy planners, a bunch of braids, glasses, a poster, four character changes: girl, boy, dog/bear, rabbit, a Build-A-Braidy pad and mesh storage bag. For younger students, this is a creative way to introduce and instruct narrative learning. Help to foster the connection between oral language and literacy with this kit. It is appropriate for preschoolers who are just beginning to acquire language skills, as well as kindergartners and first graders who are making the transition to formal literacy.

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