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This clever board game can be created and played in many different situations. This is a game that everyone will enjoy because it will take you on a journey through your memories. The idea is that friends and family make a board game for the child who is celebrating a birthday by writing their favorite memories on the enclosed gift cards. Players begin the game on the bassinet of the birthday honoree and race to the cake. Roll a die and move your pawn along the board. If you land on a "gift" you must read the memory on the gift card and follow the command (roll again, go ahead 3, skip a turn), but 100 cards leave the directional command blank to encourage creativity. The board contains generic destinations in life--a house, mountains, beach, school, etc—these items are intended to be personalized. For example, a house could be a friend or relative's house as well as the birthday honoree's house. Two to six players or teams can play and any number of people can create. It is a great tool to foster confidence as well as communication and writing skills. The game comes complete with a board, 300 game cards, 4 pens, 1 die, 6 pawns, directions and instruction guide.

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