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Active Toy
Outdoor Play

This innovative mobility toy will have your child engaged in active play for hours. It utilizes centrifugal force acting on gravity for self-propulsion. It operates with simple maneuvers without batteries or a motor. Your child will enjoy exercise with this skill-building toy that has lasting value. Sit on the Skitter™, align the steering wheel so that the bigger tips of the butterfly-shaped steering wheel are pointing away from you. Propel it by turning the steering wheel left and right smoothly. Synchronizing your body in a left and right swinging motion will increase the speed of the toy. The body is made of high quality plastic making it safe, durable and light. The steering post is made of steel to provide long wear. All running wheels have dual ball bearings to provide a smooth ride and durability. They will last through heavy usage on rough surface and will not mark hardwood floors. The design of this toy is simple, unique and environmentally friendly. Use protective gear when riding this toy and make sure all nuts and bolts are properly installed before riding. Parents should supervise young riders and make sure children do not operate on sloping area or rough surfaces. Maximum carrying capacity is one hundred fifty pounds. Adult assembly required. Dimensions: 32" L x 13"W x 16.5"H Weight: 8.36 lbs.

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