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Game Wave

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This is a fully functioning DVD game console and operating system that your older child will enjoy. It can accommodate up to six players at a time, each with their own remote control. The system hooks up to your television just like a regular DVD player, all you need to do is insert a ZAPiT game and you and your friends are ready to play. Before a game begins, players input their names using the simple scroll buttons on their remote controls. Once everyone is 'signed in', Game Wave™ can keep track of each player's scores so everyone's in play all the time. It can also remember where you left off from your last game so there's no repeat play. Your child will engage in hours of skill-building fun with trivia games, word games, card games and more. This is a great way to encourage activity, social interaction and a shared experience with your child. The system comes with everything you need to begin play: Game Wave™ and Remote Control Dock, four Zapit wireless remotes, eight "AAA" batteries (two for each remote), four A/V cables/ S-Video cable and 4 Degrees Trivia Game. Other games are sold separately. The remote control dock opens to a convenient storage tray that houses all the remotes.

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