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Techno Source

Tag, You're It

Age Range
Electronic Game

This is a skill-building electronic toy your child will enjoy. It is a new twist on the classic game of tag that features an LCD game system. Enjoy playing with your child's favorite Sesame Street® character Elmo. Your child will gain communication and motor skills, imagination and creativity, eye-hand coordination and finger dexterity with this toy.

Techno Source is a privately held, toy company headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices in New York. The company is committed to delivering high-quality electronic toys, games and learning aids. Sesame Workshop is a nonprofit educational organization making a meaningful difference in children's lives around the world. Founded in 1968, the Workshop changed television forever with the legendary Sesame Street. While working as a staff member of the US Department of Education and the Office of Economic Opportunity in Washington, D.C., Dr. Toy was responsible for evaluating Title 1 programs and approved the first grant to " Sesame Street®."

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