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Tangoes Jr.

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This is an interactive puzzle toy that your child will enjoy. The game features a unique playing case and large, double-sided puzzle cards that offer two levels of play and enable children to solve each puzzle directly on the card. The puzzle cards feature recognizable images in three categories: animals, people and objects. Players must match the shapes to create the tangram image shown. On the other, more advanced side, the same image appears, but only in silhouette, offering a greater challenge for more advanced players and adding a memory game element. The puzzle pieces are magnetized, so they stay put even when the playing case is carried or turned upside down. Excellent for travel play.When not in use, the pieces tuck away in the side drawer of the case, which also provides a large playing surface and storage for twelve puzzle cards. An integrated handle makes it easy for young children to take the two-pound, 12-ounce case on car trips and longer travels. This is a great activity for promoting physical movement, motor skills, visual awareness, cognitive ability, pre-math and artistic skills and geometric intelligence. Learn how two right triangles create a square.

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