Digital Praise / FLO Return of the Water Beetles

Digital Praise

FLO Return of the Water Beetles

Age Range
Creative Product
Electronic Game
Fantasy Play

This is a creative adventure CD-ROM game that children will enjoy. Join Hermie, Wormie and their friends in an interactive adventure based on their hit video, Flo the Lying Fly. In a series of five interactive activities, with three levels each, children help Flo get ready for a Water Beetles concert. See what surprises arrive when kids invite Hermie and his friends over to play. Children will help Buzby match flowers in the meadow, make cookies with Lucy, in an entertaining sequencing game, and navigate the water lily pads in a mapping game. Players will delight as the Water Beetles concert comes to life. As a bonus, children collect seeds for a musical garden to create their own concerts. This program encourages truthfulness, forgiveness, trust and praise. Help your little one get an early start with pattern recognition, matching and sorting, sequencing and creative exploration with this production. It features fun graphics and vibrant colors with characters that children will enjoy. It is Microsoft Windows and MAC compatible.

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