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Tricky Town®

Age Range
Board Game
Educational Skills Product

This is a skill-building board game with a Halloween-theme your older child will enjoy. Each player has a family made up of two kid pieces and two parent pieces. Go around the town collecting treats and avoiding tricks while keeping the kid pieces four spaces or less from at least one of your parent pieces. The game ends when one complete family makes it back home. The winner is the player with the most treats at the end of the game. The family to reach home first may not necessarily be the one who wins, so everyone stays interested until the end. This game is easy to learn and fun for two to four players. It stimulates critical thinking, problem solving, and multi-tasking. Players use character playing cards to advance around the board and to determine who goes first each round. Players use the Trick or Treat cards to help themselves or to play tricks on their opponents. Every round gives players an opportunity to make decisions from a variety of choices to decide which piece to move and how to move it. Strategies and choices vary as the positions of the playing pieces change on the board and as the game progresses there are more options to consider.

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