Sonus Novus / Probably Untrue Story of Mary (who) Had A Little Lamb

Sonus Novus

Probably Untrue Story of Mary (who) Had A Little Lamb

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This CD is a lovely way to introduce your child to classical music. The story begins with a girl named Mary whose best friend is her pet lamb. Petunia is a very smart little lamb who wants to go to school to learn, but is always sent home by the teacher, because "...lambs aren't allowed in class." One day Mary and Petunia are walking to school when it begins to snow. On the way home Petunia gets lost. Later, when Mary looks for her sweet little lamb, she too gets lost. Eventually, Mary finds Petunia, but it is now dark and cold, they are hungry, tired and still lost and there is much snow on the ground. When they see a light in the distance, they head toward it to find it's the home of Mary's uncle, Antonio Vivaldi. They stay with him for a while, having lots of fun playing music and games and learning to play the violin and cello themselves. The CD also comes with a teacher's guide in the form of a printable PDF, written by Barbara King, Baltimore Symphony.

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