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Evolution-The Game That Evolves As You Play

Age Range
Board Game

This is a skill-building board game that your child will enjoy. It is a game that evolves as you play. Players form tribes that must evolve through five distinct phases and complete different challenges. Draw, rhyme, decode, mime, decipher, act, identify clues, answer trivia and solve puzzles. Be the first tribe to demonstrate super human abilities by reading minds or predicting the future and you win the game. You can increase the difficulty level of the game for your opponents in two ways: dare an opponent to perform a challenge in Survival of the Fittest or think up an unusual answer for them to perform in Natural Selection. Develop your child's imagination and improve their self-confidence with this game that will put their skills to the test. It comes complete with a square game board, 600 challenge cards, two card boxes, two sketch pads, four pencils, one ninety second sand timer, one die and one instruction sheet. It is a game for two to four players.

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