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Spider's Web™

Age Range
Board Game

This is a skill-building board game of escape that your child will enjoy. Players will develop basic strategic thinking with this interactive game. The object of the game for the spider is to capture the four fireflies before they escape from the web. The object of the game for the fireflies is to escape from the web. Instead of just a race to the finish, every roll of the dice gives players an opportunity to make a choice about the direction in which they want to move. When any one firefly is able to avoid the spider and escape from the web, then all the fireflies win the game. However, if the spider can catch the fireflies four times before any of them escape, then the spider wins the game. This is a clever game for two to five players. It comes complete with a game board, one spider die and one firefly die, four capture cards, five playing pieces and stickers.

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