School-Rite / Transitional Manuscript Set-Lowercase


Transitional Manuscript Set-Lowercase

Age Range
Educational Skills Product

A practical and useful activity for children to help them as they begin to write the alphabet. It features a set of two-inch letters on individual templates in the "modern" style of the alphabet. Children engage in making the letter, learning the shape and stroke movements of the letters while practicing with these templates. The Lowercase Transitional Manuscript Guides introduce the curve to the lowercase letters, moving away from the traditional block letters. They give the appearance of a rounded form of printing. In some cases this form of writing is easier for children to learn because of the smooth transition from one stroke to another. The template guides the pencil through the letter configuration, forcing the pencil to lift in the stroke sequence of making the letter. It allows the child to feel the motion of making the letter. Children can practice the flow of the motion in learning how each letter is made. After they have gone through the motion a few times, they are encouraged to remove the template and retrace the letter, connecting the lines. This extended activity helps to develop their fine motor skills. Children are then encouraged to reproduce the movement, unassisted. This is a great learning tool for children with special needs.

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