Schoenhut Piano / My First Piano II

Schoenhut Piano

My First Piano II

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Active Toy
Educational Skills Product

This is a bright red 18-key table top piano that is a great first piano for your toddler. Learning to play the piano helps to develop coordination and musical ability. The simple method of play by color teaching offers a very easy way for your child to understand the range of octaves. The piano has a lovely tone with a removable color coded strip behind the keys to help guide and teach. This is a great way to introduce your child to music. The company was founded in 1872. For more information on the history of this company, check the results from Dr. Toy's Classic Program 2003.

History of Schoenut

In 1872, Albert Schoenhut brought a piano to the United States from Germany. It was hand crafted from the finest materials. The piano was used by Margaret Leng Tan for the CD "The Art of the Toy Piano". You can learn more about Schoenhut Toy Piano Company by visiting their website:

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