LEGO Systems / Classic House Building Set

LEGO Systems

Classic House Building Set

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Active Toy
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Educational Skills Product

This is a skill building construction set that your child will enjoy. It comes with 233 pieces of brightly colored interlocking bricks. Young builders will delight in creating from their imagination. Follow the instructions to create a house that features swinging doors and windows, picket fence, chimney, roof tiles and much more. The finished product will make an attractive addition to your child's bedroom or playroom. Children have extended play use with this toy. Take it apart and start all over again. This is a great activity to promote social skills, tactile stimulation, eye-hand coordination, self-confidence, motor skills and physical activity. All pieces come in a clear plastic bin and twist-off lid so that children can easily see and retrieve each brick as they wish.

History of Lego Systems

In 1932, Ole Kirk Christiansen switched from making furniture to toys in the midst of a depression in Denmark. Because parents remained eager to provide fun for their children even in the worst of times, the toy business took-off and in 1934 was given the name, The LEGO Company. Ole Kirk cleverly chose the word LEGO as a combination of two Danish words that translate to mean "play well." Still family owned and operated in 2002, the LEGO Company now is headed up by Ole Kirk's grandson, Kiel Kirk Kristiansen.

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