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Welcome to the third collection of "Smart Toys: Products of Excellence."

These items are selected to complement the themes of Smart Play/Smart Toys How to Raise a Child with a High P. Q. Play Quotient .

Dr. Toy wants you to have additional guidance in finding and selecting the best toys and learning products that fit a variety of types of skills for each age. Each product is designated to assist your child with specific developmentally appropriate activities.

We continue to add to the resources as often as possible.

Many people think play is trivial, but it isn't. Play is vital for the developing mind because it allows children to extend their imagination, resourcefulness, social interaction, problem-solving skills and resilience.

Smart Play/Smart Toys and the guidance on this site, will help you navigate the thousands of toy and play options available, offers tips on how to evaluate toy safety, and provides activities that enhance PQ.

In addition, Smart Play/Smart Toys identifies appropriate types of toys and guides you on how to make the most of toys, important craft supplies for playtime, and hundreds of ways to make play a life-long and nurturing experience.

Read an excerpt from the introduction of Smart Play/Smart Toys.

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