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Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products - 2004

We happily welcome you to the Best Product's feature. You will find many wonderful new products from both established and new companies. We are proud to bring you this important and timely information.

We know play is essential in developing a well-rounded, resilient child. Most of all play creates important balance for children and adults.

We are pleased to provide you with the most exciting list of award winning products. We feel certain your whole family will find a lot of value from the products presented for your consideration this year. From baby to adult, from low to high tech there is something for everyone's interest and enjoyment.

Also of interest is Dr. Toy's Holiday Gift Guide. It features more specifics on play and products with additional tips and information.

To understand more about each child's developmental stages and expanding their Play Quotient (PQ), read Dr. Toy's Smart Play/Smart Toys. It thoroughly discusses how play influences a child at each level of their development. Toys are quite important for ongoing growth as they are the building blocks to learning.

When you become your child's "Play Tutor" you are creating the quality time he or she craves and needs. The best parent child relationships can be developed by playing with your child. Use a good variety of the suggested games, toys and construction projects suggested in the "100 Best Toys and Children's Products" offered by Dr. Toy's Guide to provide you suggested products that help you have even more quality time together with plenty of communication and fun. Also take time to review other superior products we have reviewed in the Best Vacation Products, Smart Play Smart Toys Products of Excellence and Best Classic Products Programs.

How to help your child use toys wisely at each stage? Find the next product and experience your child will benefit from to be sure they are getting a good balance in all of their play experiences.

What is safe -and- smart to purchase? You will find that all of the products on our list are safe and smart. I hope that you will find these additional tips useful Please take the time also to respond to a new feature, Dr. Toy's Consumer Product Rating Form. Your feedback is important to us about these 100 Products and any other product you have selected on our site.

Dr. Toy's Ten Tips of Smart Play/Smart Toys for More Learning Fun

Dr. Toy suggests that parents, grandparents, and teachers select a variety of toys and products to help children gain a lifelong love of learning and fun: Consider these tips to increase "Smart Play."

  1. Create time daily for a good balance of varied play experiences of physical activity, creativity, educational opportunities.
  2. Take stock of current toys; take an inventory of what your child is playing with, what is not being used and what is needed next in the "Smart Play" process.
  3. Expand your child's creativity with plenty of fun time to include artwork, making puppets, creating a puppet show, reading, and writing stories.
  4. Use all opportunities possible for play and learning--backyard experiences, grocery shopping, visiting community helpers, playing in the park, and traveling.
  5. Vary play experiences, such as construction products, puzzles, dolls, and skill-building products, to help your child gain self-confidence, increase learning ability, and explore his or her imagination.
  6. Choose play experiences for your child that require concentration and thinking and also involve many important skills that enhance and balance cognitive learning.
  7. Gather many creative materials and keep them handy so your child can experience and expand creativity, spontaneously. Whether your child is drawing, painting, finger painting, working with Playdoh or clay, or making a collage, he or she benefits from self-expression
  8. Create a "Play Notebook" to keep information about useful products, the child's responses, and tips on expanding the child's creativity, learning, and physical development.
  9. Consider how different skills are strengthened with play products. Think about using products and play activities to expand skills and learning experiences for your child.
  10. Children learn best through play. Smart toys encourage children to maximize their potential. Take time out each day for play with games, art, music, construction, books, and other fun products.

We hope that your family has a very safe, happy and healthy holiday season and new year. We expect that you will experience a lot of joy and learning with the many high quality products we selected for the benefit of your family.

Let's play!

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