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Binney & Smith

Gadget Headz Car Factory

Age Range:
8 - 12
Intro Year:
Toy Types:

This is a fun toy that turns melted crayons into cool cars that your child can race, smash and recycle. It comes with two car molds: one for making Formula One racers and another for molding stock cars. Your child will enjoy fast race action with 12 crayon "fuel rods" in a variety of colors, decals for decorating the fiery red car body and a "car crusher" that attaches to the back of the tabletop toy for demolishing and remaking cars. Heat from a 60-watt candle bulb (not included) melts down the crayons. The see-through car hood lets kids watch all the melting and molding action and stays securely locked into place until the car is cooled and ready to race. This car-making machine will engage your little racer in hours of hands-on creative play. The toy has lights, sound and lots of action. Your child will delight in the sight and smell of melting down a pile of crayons or any spare crayon parts. To start the melting engine, turn the hubcap and the unit lights up. The crayons become liquid fuel. Once the meltdown is complete, the drag light on top changes from red to yellow and the horn beeps meaning it's ready to transform the melted wax into a racing machine. With the pull of a gear shift the colorful mixture fills the car mold. When the light turns green it's racing time. You can crank out a cool custom car that looks different every time in about 20 minutes. The wheels are ready for racing once the chassis is snapped into place.

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